1st Annual North Texas Menudo Cook Off  - A Multi-Cultural Family Event
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The 1st Annual North Texas Menudo Cook Off is designed to display the Mexican dish called Menudo to a more diverse audience.  Menudo is a traditional Mexican dish, made with beef stomach in a clear broth or with a red chili base.
The many objectives of the Menudo Cook Off are:
  • To bring family together as in the traditional family menudo meal.
  • To increase the awareness of menudo on the menu in local restaurants.
  • To increase restaurant sales and visibility that serve menudo as an entree.
  • To help raise funds for public health eduation programs.
The North Texas Menudo Cook Off will attempt to bring this festival to 3 cities in north Texas at the beginning and hopefully expand to other north Texas cities in the future.
In 2012, the Menudo Cook Off will take place in:
  • Fort Worth:  RC Bar & Grill  300 West Central Ave Fort Worth 76164
  • Arlington / Grand Prairie  Possible locations: Traders Village, Cowboy Stadium
  • Dallas   Possible locations:  S.Oak Cliff area
For more information call: 817-378-0021
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